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Sail 2018 in Croatia & Montenegro or Tahiti

and 2019 in the Caribbean

Martin Hummerhielm at is the European agent for Mariner Boating Holidays, whose headquarters are in Sydney, Australia.


Mariner Boating Holidays have organized and implemented yacht rallies since 1998, mostly in Europe but also in the Caribbean, Tahiti and Thailand. Until 2017, Mariner have organised 120 events consisting between 10 to 15 fun filled days. They have great experience in organizing top class sailing. Mariner´s sailing holidays do cost a little more, but if you look at everything included, they are affordable and our customers are very satisfied after the completion of their trip. Many customers return year after year to Mariner Boating Holidays!

Mariner´s 2018 yacht rallies are in the following countries: Croatia, Italy, Greece, Croatia & Montenegro, Spain, Sweden, Tahiti and 2019 in the Caribbean.

Whether you are a beginner or professional sailor, all are welcome!

Please browse the leaflets on the Info Sheet page.

Mariner Boating Holidays Rallies during 2018 can be found on their website at "Yacht Rally".

For more information about all Mariner Boating Holidays Yacht Rallies and reservations, please contact Martin Hummerhielm at

Phone: +46 732 633 635 or +46 708 771 566



Please note that does not handle payments, customers pay directly to Mariner Boating Holidays.

All five photos above were taken by Maggie Joyce during a Greek Island Photo Odyssey